YoWo is a contemporary music program for young women and GNC teens. We strive to strengthen the skills of our participants, giving them the confidence to pursue a future in music.

Be in a band, play your original songs with like-minded people,
get inspired by professional musician mentors, play gigs, record music,
gain confidence and have fun.

If you’re interested in music, we’re interested in you!


“My first end of semester gig was a highlight…
I got to show off what I’d done to all my friends and family and share my love of music with others.”



“YoWo has truly changed my life. I am now seriously considering a musical future!”



“Everything I’ve learnt about writing music and playing with people has been from YoWo”



“Before YoWo, I didn’t see myself being a musician as a proper career. Now, after recording the album and playing multiple gigs I feel that it’s something I would really love to do long term”



“YoWo has helped me believe in my own songwriting skills and has pushed me to write songs that I’m proud of and love to play.”




YoWo was a fantastic opportunity for my daughter to play in a band at her young age. She absolutely loved it and it was definitely the highlight of her week.
— Yowo Parent
My daughter always looks forward to her YoWo sessions and comes home brimming with ideas. The mentors are wonderful role models and teachers, and their continued encouragement has given my daughter so much more confidence in her musical abilities
— YoWo Parent