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YoWo music - Work like that (2018)

Produced with support from Creative Victoria and Australia Council, Work Like That is a strong, heartfelt collection of songs from Melbourne’s brightest young female and GNC musicians. Through guidance and mentorship from professional musicians, current YoWo Music participants and alumni teamed up to create Work Like That, a nine-track collection of diverse and skillful songwriting and performing from these young musos.


'Built For Boys' is the single from YoWo Music's upcoming album 'Work Like That'. "Built For Boys is about one of my friends trying to find her identity, but I also think it relates to most people’s search for where and how they belong in the world." - Songwriter, Lily Harnath


YoWo music ep (2016)

YoWo Music formed in 2015 to give young women in high school an opportunity to play and learn about music in a supportive environment. Just over one year later, YoWo Music released their debut EP; a ripper four tracks of original tunes written and played by this group of amazing young women.